Delivering client work that is goal driven and that adds meaning and value to the brands we work with is so important to us.

Traditionally Wired Media

Art Direction: Jason Huisman with Traditionally Wired Media

About the Company

TW media are specialists at providing client solutions that meet their needs from business and communication strategy including various media platforms that assist the client in communicating and engaging with a variety of audiences of traditional platforms as well as digital platforms.

The Brief

Was to create a Logo that said media but but with a different approach to media waves

Approach and Outcome

The name was very long, so it was important that the logo element allowed for the simplification of that, we went a similar approach to great brands such as Hewlett Packard with a monogram version.

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Colour PDF

Chutshela Logo
Chutshela Logo
Chutshela Logo
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