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Guilroy Plumbing

Art Direction: Jason Huisman with Guilroy Plumbing

About the Company

Guilroy plumbing was established in 2018 by a good friend of mine, they have since built the brand and continue to offer quality workmanship and develop ongoing relationships with their clients.

The Brief

When approached Guilroy had already designed their logo, but required a redraw and logo forms for other collatoral.

Approach and Outcome

We redrew the logo and presented them with a brand colour PDF which allowed to them to build their brand collatoral consistantly. A professional profile was also drawn up.

  • Logo Redraw
  • Company Profile
  • Business Card
  • Brand Colour PDF

Huisman Creative Co - Guilroy Plumbing Logo
Huisman Creative Co - Guilroy Plumbing
Huisman Creative Co - Guilroy
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