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Learning and sharing are important to us, they say when one learns two can grow.

"Content is King, but engagement is Queen and the lady rules the house" - Mari Smith

Face to face engagement is very difficult at this time with our lockdown, as humans we where meant to engage and help each other grow this is also true in business. Generating and discovering leads is a starting point to building engagement and in time brand trust.

Being an after hours company and not being able to network during the day as much as I would like to, I thought I would just share a few tools that have helped me engage with people and connect with leads, you may or may not know of these services but as our minds are on so many things at the moment, hoping this will help to keep them fresh in your thoughts.


Snupit is an online platform that is touch point for business and people requiring a number of services. You can sign up and be both a service provider and someone needing a service. On the platform people search for you based on service keywords you put for your company profile. Snupit also sends you regular notifications on leads, from there you able to purchase the leads and get in touch. It works with a point system in which you purchase points and is very reasonable.



Bark is the same concept as Snupit and also very useful in finding possible leads, it also works on a pay for points system and sends out possible leads daily based on your service keywords.

Bark Website


Although I have not used Linkedin Business due to the fact I have alot of colleagues that follow me on it, I have read many articles on it and in my opinion it is a great platform to advertise form B2B perspective. It is very similar to Facebook advertising but more direct.

Linkedin Business


Hubspot is a great resource for sales and marketing driven content, it also offers a free CRM offering in which you can manage your leads and track / follow the conversion process.

Free CRM


Zoom is a great alternative to Skype, although still use both, it has a 40 minute free video meeting option which is very useful, it also have a downloadable APP via google play.



Google hangouts is a similar concept to whats app web which is also viewable on your PC or phone the difference being on the PC version you can also have video calls un like Whats App Web. All that is needed is for you to have a google account which is something we all pretty much have.

Google Hangouts

This is a very small list, but the internet is crawling with LEAD generation and engagement software, just thought I would share the ones that I have had experience with.
It is my hope that you have found something useful in this article.

Posted in Helpful Tools for Small Businesses on Apr 08, 2020