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Walter Landor Quote

Its about your Audience

This was a one my favourite posts from April's social media activities.

I absolutely love this quote by Walter Landor, a Legendary creator very active from the 40's onward to the late 80's he retired in 1989. His branding work included Levi Strauss, General Electric and Shell Oil. Ironically the era he worked in was where advertising had a lot more control people just bought into it, where as in today's world it needs to be very individual / audience dominated especially with social media.

This quote highlights that point very well. The point of understanding who your audience is and the importance of resonating with them and in turn building trust.

"A brand is a persons gut feel about your service, product or company"

Think of brands such a Coca Cola, Nike, McDonalds although they are part of the above mentioned era too, their messages have become very personal one that focuses on the experience of the product. I think they really encapsulate the idea of this quote.

In short I think the top 3 three things I find that have helped these brands with this are:

They know who they are and what they can offer their audience
They focus on both internal and external strengths, they do not try and resolve an audience pain that they cannot.
They understand their target audience
What drives their audience, purchasing habits, age, gender, hobbies, status to name a few.
They attach emotion to their messages
 They do not make it about themselves, i.e. the quality of their shoes, ingredients in their softdrinks, how popular their burgers are. They keep their message simple and about their audience: the need to be victorious and emotions attached, that moment attached to a hot day and the joy of drinking an Ice cold coke or to be your customers favourite place to eat or drink through creating a fun and trendy evironments that cater for the whole family.

Getting it right is an ongoing process, it takes time and research but worth it in the end.

Posted in Business of Brand and Strategy on May 06, 2020