About Us

Hi. We are glad you are wanting to find out more about us.

A Small Creative Studio with a Big Heart for Brands

Huisman Creative Co is a home based after hours creative studio focusing on Branding + Illustration established by Jason Huisman towards the of 2019 and based in Roodepoort, Gauteng. We are small and slowly gaining our pace, but have a big heart for brands of all sizes both locally and nationally.

We are passionate about our craft and everything we create is driven with care and excellence in mind. Our influence can be found in a time when craftmanship was king and simplicity with a clear message was the mainstay.

Our Goal is to inspire and connect people to brands encouraging both to see what can be, and to do it fairly and with integrity, offering a variety of design and advertising services with a strong focus around brand design, strategy, consistancy and a splash of illustration to round off.

We are driven by 5 points, both personally and as a business:


A little about Jason

My experience in design has spanned just over two decades, I have been lucky to have worked as a Designer/Creative Brand Manager in a few industries from events to financial to technical in which I still work.

I started HCco to build brands, create new relationships, and to get back into my passion for creating logo's, illustration and pattern work.

What inspires me creatively and personally? my faith, my family, classic swiss style design, styles and design from the 30s to 80s, the works of Paul Rand, Walter Landor and Sci-fi movies.

When not designing you can find me hiking or playing basketball with my boys.


Our Office

Goal and Process

It's About Your Audience

Walter Landor said it best:

"Products are made in factory but brands are made in the Mind."

This is our drive.

Its about the the Audience

The Huisman Creative Process

We are process driven

We love being creative and arty, but we feel when a project has structure, that's when it works best.

What we offer

Logo and Identity

A well designed appropriate logo and identity is very important for brand recongnition and is a springboard for the feel of your other collateral items.

Depending on your need and budget our identity services also include: Brand colours, image styling, patterns, icons, illustration, fonts styles and style/ brand guides.

Illustration + Artistic

We would not call ourselves fine artists, but we do love a strong visual message that resonates with audiences and comes across in a logical, fun and simple manner.

Services include both creative and technical solutions: vector art, non-cad technical illustrations, isometric drawing / creative illustration, infographics and powerpoint illustrations.

Print Collateral

There is still nothing better than the feel of something tangible that you can hold and present to your client face to face.

Services include but are not limited to: Magazine advertising, event invites, stationery, catalogues, brochures, posters, calendar design, signage, vehicle wrap design and environment items such as wallpaper patterns and framed artworks.

Digital Collateral

There is no denying that we are living in a digital world with exciting possibilities and solutions, we partner with best to provide pivotal online solutions

Services include: marketing and smaller e-commerce websites, mailer design, social media post and management as we grow we will add more solutions to our fold.